Heidi Adams,  founder & professional bookkeeper

Heidi - Chief Executive Officer

Heidi has been in the business of bookkeeping for over 30 years. She earned her Associate Degree in Accounting, graduating with Honors from Montana State University – Great Falls in 1996. Wanting to provide a higher quality of service than was the industry standard she launched hla Bookkeeping in 2001. Heidi and her team are enthusiastic about providing high tech solutions that streamline the bookkeeping process to provide timely and accurate information for our clients. The team at hla Bookkeeping works to develop and grow these processes knowing that higher quality information provided to clients means they can operate with greater confidence in the future.

Over the years hla has become a family operated business because Heidi found in her family the values that she expects from her team. Hla Bookkeeping has always operated with our core values of Honesty, Quality, and Kindness above all else. These values not only drive the work done every day, but how we provide innovative technological solutions in an industry that is typically slow to adapt.

Heidi’s goal for hla Bookkeeping moving into the future is to be a comprehensive advisory firm for not just the businesses in Southeast Wyoming, but the entire Rocky Mountain region. The entire team has a dedication to continued learning and fostering an environment where engagement and knowledgeable conversations are welcomed and appreciated. 

Meet the hla Bookkeeping Team

Our team is a group of experienced, professional bookkeepers that provides impeccable books for clients. Even though the office can be busy at times, we keep a relaxed atmosphere and manage to have some fun while supporting our clients in what they love. We communicate with our clients daily by phone and e-mail and are always making sure our clients are up-to-date. hla Bookkeeping is proud to be a learning environment for both the staff and clients to make sure everyone continues to grow and master new skills.


Client Manager


Client Manager

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