Heidi Adams,  founder & professional bookkeeper

At hla Bookkeeping we understand that accurate financial records are vital to your thriving business. With that in mind, we offer bookkeeping and payroll services for a variety of industries. We count the beans for you before they slip through your fingers.

Our goal is to take the financial paperwork off your desk so that you can focus your attention on doing what you love. No matter the size of your business, the professionals at hla Bookkeeping will provide the financial peace of mind so you can focus on your success. Find out what we can do for you on the Services page.

Check out some of the Services that we offer:


Let us take the bookkeeping off your plate.  We manage it and provide financial reports on your schedule.


Running payroll?  We manage this for you ensuring your payroll is compliant and your employees are paid on time.  

Our Three Step Methodology


Need clarity on the state of your current situation?

Our first step is to assess your bookkeeping to determine what areas need to be caught up or improved.


Once we have completed your assessment the next step is to implement our system to provide clean, accurate, timely information to improve your situation.


Now that our foundations are set we help you grow through the management of your financial information by utilizing a professional bookkeeper.

Are the bean piles of your business getting out of hand?

Before they slip through your fingers, let us count them for you. We are professional bookkeepers. We can take the headache out of managing your financial information.

As professional bookkeepers, we can take paperwork off your desk. So, whether the deadlines are piling up, the stack of paperwork is over flowing, or you are flat out of time, we can help.

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